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Battle for Sky Fortress is a custom game for Stacraft 2, developed by Stark, It is a Hero based MOBA style game with a number of key features that break away from the traditional formula you see in these DoTA style games, and is available in a both a 6 player co-op mode (against Titans, not AI Heroes), and 5 vs 5 PvP mode.


Featuring the most polished interface on Bnet, exciting Co-op play, and competitive PvP play, Battle for Sky Fortress has gained high popularity in a very short time. 

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What's Planned?

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We are now discussing the future plans for Battle for Sky Fortress, join in the discussion and have your say on what you would like:

The Invasion (Now LIVE as of 3.11)

Another addition we are planning to keep co-op mode interesting and more challenging.  Not giving too much information out just yet, but it involves Zerg, time scaling difficulty and will make those anti-light weapons some Heroes have much more useful.

New Titan Boss for Co-op Mode. (Now LIVE as of 3.07)

Ultrabot is getting a sidekick over the next week or so.  This new Titan will test your mettle at the start of Sector 2.    Stay tuned for for information.

New Co-op Difficulty Options (Now LIVE as of 3.06)

Looking for more of a challenge? Our new "Team Lives" option will spice things up.  At the start of the game you will be able to vote for the number of Team Lives your team has in addition to the difficulty.  This addition will make reviving team mates very important if you want to succeed!  (Note that you will still be able to choose 'unlimited' lives).

Protoss Heroes

As the co-op story evolves, we may some Protoss heroes joining the fray!

More Ultimate Upgrades

We plan on implementing the Ultimate Upgrades for all Weapons at some stage.  These will probably be released one tier at a time.

Monday 6th June

Update 3.11 LIVE

Update Notes

The Invasion is here!

Sunday 22nd May

Update 3.10 LIVE

Update Notes

New Titan Beacon, TeleHeal ability for medic & more!

Saturday 21st May

Featured by Blizzard!

Battle for Sky Fortress is now featured by blizzard, check out their blog here.

Heroes Added!

Hero information has been added to the website.

See it here

Battle for Sky Fortress is currently available on US servers, we are planning on publishing it to EU soon!

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